Who needs 9 lives?

If you follow the new custom movement that saw an incredible blast in the past years, chances are quite high that you have witnessed a strange looking motorcycle with a fairing that looks like it comes directly from a 60s racetrack.

The bike is called the „Lucky Cat Sprintbeemer“ and it belongs to Sebastien Lorenz, one of the icons of the new custom movement.

The story of the sprintbeemer starts with the part that defined the whole appearance. The rear tire. Sebastien fell in love with an old MH Racemaster drag slick tyre and constructed the bike around this tire. Most of the parts are salvaged from classic 50s to 90s BMW motorcycles. Presented at the Glemseck 101 in 2013, the bike marked the revive of sprint races. The bike was ridden by a close friend of Sebastien, because of a broken leg - just before Glemseck - during some BMX riding (without a doubt the next best thing to motorcycle riding).

Sebastien named the bike „Lucky Cat Sprintbeemer“ and since then, both are always in the center of the action of every motorcycle gathering. At first sight it looks like a very classic BMW with an old fairing added, but under the fiber reenforced hood supplied by AirTech Streamlining, it is packed with up to date technology. The R 100 RS engine was heavily tuned by Edelweiss Motorsport and features a nitrous oxide system as well as an electric over air shifter. This bike leaves a thick, black line, every time Sebastien pulls the trottle.

Many, self acclaimed Cat-Killers appeared, mostly without success. But this gave a big boost to the custom sprint scene and lead a development into a different direction, then the known sprint races.

In 2015 Sebastien created the 'Sultans of Sprint'-racing series. The rules are quite easy, come with a bike that you build around an air or oil cooled 4 stroke engines up to 1400cc and that looks as crazy as possible.
Eighteen teams competed in four races during 2016, to fight out the fastest and most creative sprint racer. The races took place during the 'Wheels and Waves' in Biarritz, the 'Cafe Racer Festival' in Montlhéry, the 'Glemseck 101' in Leonberg and the 'Intermot' trade show in Cologne.

The amount of crazy creativity is tremendous. And this applies not just for the bikes, but also looking at the teams, the presentation and all surroundings. An open and positive chaos with a lot of big smiles can be witnessed and the passion for motorcycles can be felt in the air around the iconic 'Sultans of Sprint' tent.

Looking at the races you will realize that racing is an important part of the 'Sultans of Sprint', but the creativity, fun and friendship between the participants is at least equal important if not prior. Which pretty much sums up the whole idea of the new custom movement.

We are really looking forward to see some new, crazy ideas on the speed-strip in 2017 with the 'Sultans of Sprint'. 4 races in 4 countries are on the schedule & you can be sure the show will be exceptional.