Out for the first time

Bradley Smith was out with his new KTM bike for the first time during the Valencia test. We asked him about his first impression of the bike and the team.

Pictures by Nico Schneider

How was your first day on your new bike? Will you become friends?
Bradley: Yes we will become friends as we will be working together for 2 years! First day was good, generally feel good on the bike, have good feedback from the KTM steel chassis and WP suspension.

What do you think is the main difference between the Yamaha and the KTM?
Bradley: Everything is different, the DNA of the motorcycles alone are different, as well as the chassis, suspension and engine configuration. It’s a relatively new project and will take time to refine.

Seems KTM is the only manufacturer running a screamer. Advantage, Disadvantage or Bullshit-Bingo?
Bradley: Not sure what bullshit-bingo means, but KTM has chosen this configuration for a reason and we will develop it to the best of our abilities.

Last year you had a bit of a struggle to get the new electronics and tires to work. Do you have to start from zero with the KTM or can you adopt some of your experience?
Bradley: The good thing about last year’s struggles is that it will help me with this new project with KTM and I’m lucky as everything transfers across, which will speed up development.

Picture: Nico Schneider

Tech3 is a French team, this year it is a Austrian team. How do you see the communication with the team?

Bradley: I love the professionalism and organizational skills of the Austrians, they are very direct, you know where you stand and this is good especially with this new project.

You had a big crash during an endurance race in Germany a couple of month ago. In Valencia you were still quite handicapped walking through the paddock. When will you be back to 100%?
Bradley: I am going to work hard during the next two months, where I will be visiting the Red Bull Diagnostics Training Centre (DTC) and I plan to be 100% by Sepang test at the end of January.

What is your personal goal for next season?
Bradley: Develop alongside KTM and get the bike as far up the grid as we can achieve in 18 races.

How can your father let you go out on a bike with more then 250hp with a dozen of lunatics. Have you checke if he has a big life-insurance on your head? ;)
Bradley: Hahaha. My dad has been involved in motorsport all his life, we know it’s a risky sport, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun at the same time.

Bradley changed the appearance of his website, matching the new main color. There is also a nice line of new merchandise products around the 38. http://www.bradleysmith38.com/