Self-tinting visor

A self-tinting visor is the most comfortable way of effective sun protection. The world’s leading manufacturer Transitions has developed exactly this. A chemical reaction permanently adjusts the tint of the visor.


The photochromic visor automatically darkens depending on the intensity of sunlight (= UV light). This makes both possible to ride in cloudy weather, in bright sunlight and in the dark without changing your visor.

The «photochromic» reduces 100% of the UV rays that are equally harmful to eyes and skin. This visor makes it kind of a variable sunscreen for the eyes.

How fast this can be done also depends on the temperature, since the warmer it is, the faster the molecules can move and thus change. In good weather it only takes about 40 seconds from very clear to a maximum tint.

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In order for this process to take place, billions of molecules change their structure and darken depending on the UV rays. When the sun decreases, the visor automatically becomes clearer again.

Normal scratches do not reduce the self-tinting ability of the visor due to additional protective layers. However, the visor should not be permanently leaved somewhere in the sun when not in use, as permanent UV rays can damage the visor over time.

Like any other visor, the «Photochromic» can be cleaned gently and with the usual methods.

The exclusive development and research of Transitions in this field is based on 20 years of experience. Transitions Optical is the only optical company with its own self-tinting technology.


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