A l´aventurine


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Long time friends of Shoei, Laurence & Seb from the Lucky Cat Garage start a custom project, based on the new SHOEI Glamster and a '94 sportster.


A color as an hommage to the Urushi red a traditional japanese furniture paintwork.

Laurence is preparing gold flakes & gold powder
Photos: Cyril Casagrande

The 24 carats gold flakes are blown on the "urushi" red lacquered background to create a gradient effect. 

It's a gilding technique used by japanese craftmen in the seventieth century mostly on lacquered furniture and decorative objects.

The Lucky Cat Garage

While Laurence is gilding the Glamster helmet with some last details like the SHOEI logo Seb is finishing the “Glamster” bike assembly.

Based on a ’94 sportster it’s a streetbike with custom bodywork & slightly tuned engine for more style & fun for miles !

The Lucky Cat Garage, Laurence & Seb, are long time friends of Shoei. The french creative team is well known in the custom motorcycle scene & very involved in sprint racing.
They are the organizers of the Sultans of Sprint, a totally crazy drag racing event based on fun, creativity and total havoc. If you have the chance, do not miss it.


'94 sportster it's a streetbike with custom bodywork & slightly tuned engine for more style & fun for miles !


Thanx to the Lucky Cat Garage, Laurence & Sen for this phantasmic project.

Photos: Cyril Casagrande

Video: Benjamin Donadieu