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“I have always been into motorcycles, but that one stood out to me.” Taking a lot of inspiration from his BMX riding, which has always been smooth and stylish, he found a new creative outlet to express himself “I think that a cafe racer is very similar to a BMX bike: it’s as minimal and simple as it can be, but still shows your personality in every detail.”

by Héctor Saura

The building process takes me countless of hours. Sometimes I can‘t even sleep at night, trying to figure out how to do some stuff. I try to get rid of as many parts as I can, stuff that I think is useless, to create a clean aesthetic.

Stefan Lantschner
by Héctor Saura
by Héctor Saura

As for many others, being locked down at home wasn’t easy for director Ot Boqué “I couldn’t be productive and I had no ambitions. It was a time of personal crisis, but I was aware that I had to get out of that hole”, so he started thinking, writing, and conceptualizing projects.

As soon as the Spanish government lifted up all mobility restrictions, the project began and helped him get back to the place he was before “Seeing how Stefan worked on his old bikes, simplifying something very complex and giving it a new life, motivated me to move forward.”

For Ot, ‘REDUX’ not only symbolizes the rebirth of a motorcycle but the state of mind of a person living in these difficult times.

Do not try this at home

An old machine brought back to life.
Reborn to last forever.

Director and Director of Photography:
Ot Boqué (@outtou)
Build and Rider:
Stefan Lantschner (@lntstefan)
Camera Assistant:
Erik Bruce (@erikguinez)
Still Photography:
Hector Saura (@hectorsaura)
Graphics and Motion:
Eduard Casas (@educasaslopez)