Marc Márquez

Shoei MM93 Collection


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SHOEI MM93 Collection

Since 2010, Marc Marquez and Shoei are racing together in the most competitive championship on this planet: the MotoGP. We had unbelievably successful times that we enjoyed together and we are looking forward to continue this friendship with many great achievements. To celebrate this, we introduce the new Shoei MM93 collection.

MM93 Collection


NEOTEC2 2-Way_TC-5top
NEOTEC2 2-Way_TC-5side
NEOTEC2 2-Way_TC-5rear
NEOTEC2 MM93 Collection 2-Way

MM93 Collection

EX-Zero Master

EX-ZERO MM93 Collection Master_TC-5rear
EX-ZERO MM93 Collection Master_TC-5
EX-ZERO MM93 Collection Master_TC-5top
EX-Zero MM93 Collection Master

This helmet-lineup will give every motorcyclist the opportunity to be part of the passion for motorcycle riding, Marc and Shoei share together.

We started this new chapter with 4 helmets, that will suit most riding styles. All with the distinctive touch of Marc, the sophisticated design of Dave Design and the well know quality of Shoei. We hope you enjoy this new lineup of helmets and are looking forward for more to come on this road.


MM93 Collection

GT-AIR2 Road

GT-Air2 MM93 Collection Road_TC-5top
GT-Air2 MM93 Collection Road_TC-5rear
GT-Air2 MM93 Collection Road_TC-5

Marc Marquez: “Today, I´m proud to show you a project I was working on for a long time with my long-time partners, Shoei and Dave Design. We have a long history of racing helmets, but not every rider wants to have a racing helmet. With my new collection, everybody will find a helmet model that suits his riding style. With this, we can share our motorcycle passion together.
I hope you like it. I´m excited to see them on the street.“


MM93 Collection

NXR2 Rush

Z-8 MM93 Collection Rush_TC-5top
Z-8 MM93 Collection Rush_TC-5
NXR2 Rush rear
NXR2 Rush