All Shoei helmets produced for the European market meet the ECE regulation.

You will find the regulation-label sewn to the inside of the helmet. In case of helmets with detachable centre pads the homologation label is sewn to the chin strap. In some cases you find the label under the chin strap cover. In case of helmets with non-detachable centre pads the homologation label is sewn to the centre pad.


Special service if you travel by motorbike to Italy:

All motorcycle helmets must fulfill ECE-22 regulations in Italy since 2007. The use of a non-homologated helmet in Italy is prohibited. This applies also to passengers. Non-compliance can lead to a fine and in the worst case to the confiscation of the motorbike. All Shoei helmets sold in Europe comply to this standard. You can, therefore, travel to Italy in all confidence. In order to avoid any communication problems with the Italian police force you can download a PDF in which you will find all homologation information in Italian. Just print it and if necessary hand it to the carabinieri with a smile.


We hope you will spend an enjoyable time in Italy without any complications.