SHOEI E.Q.R.S. Emergency Quick Release System


Gentle removal of helmet

SHOEI‘s recent full-face helmets have an important safety feature for their users, the Emergency Quick Release System (E.Q.R.S.). In case of an accident it enables the first aider, rescue service or emergency physician to take the helmet off the driver‘s head gently and easily and perform live-saving measures.



Easy operations

The SHOEI models X-Spirit II and VFX-W are equipped with an EQRS-System with plastic flaps.

With the X-Spirit II the red flap of the cheek pad has to be pulled out.

With the VFX-W the red flap is situated on the inside of the chin part of the helmet. 

On all recent SHOEI-models with EQRS there is a visible strap sewed to the outside of the cheek pad.

A sticker „Emergency Use Only“ attached to the lower edge of the helmet indicates the position of the strap.



Step by step

1. Firstly, open the visor. If the victim is not responsive or even unconscious remove their glasses where necessary. Open the chin-strap (1) and remove the wind deflector at the chin section.

2. Put your finger through the red strap. Detach the cheek pad with a gentle pull off its mounting. Stabilize the helmet with your other hand and let the second person assist you.

3. Take the cheek pad out of the lower side of the helmet completely.

4. Repeat this procedure on the other side.

5. Make sure to, or, even better, have the second person secure the stabilization of the cervical spine during the whole process.

6. Now the helmet can be removed, ideally by the second person assisting. Tilt the helmet cautiously over the nose of the victim. Do not allow the head to drop, hold it firmly! Finally, slowly lower the head of the victim  onto the ground.

Now further life-saving measures can be performed. 



The different closure systems

Double-D chin strap

To open the chin strap detach the fastening clip and pull the red loop downwards. 

Micro ratched chin strap

To open the chin strap pull the red lever and unlock by pulling out the metal latch.

Quick fastener

To open the chin strap press the two pushbuttons left and right of the fastener.

Opening of a flip-up helmet (without E.Q.R.S.)

The chin bar can be opened by pressing the red release button. Press and hold the red release button down in the lower, central area of the chin bar. Then pivot the chin bar upward until it locks into place.


Video of the E.Q.R.S:


Helmet Models with E.Q.R.S

The following models are equipped with the E.Q.R.S-System:

• X-SPR Pro

• X-Spirit 3

• X-Spirit 2

• NXR2


• GT-Air 3

• GT-Air 2

• GT-Air


• Glamster

• Glamster 06

• EX-Zero

• Hornet ADV

• VFX-WR 06




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Important: First-aid is an obligation!

Administering first aid to an accident victim is a civic duty. If you are uncertain about the correct performance of first-aid measures your local rescue services will provide first-aid beginner and refresher courses. 

In the event of an emergency it might be necessary to remove the helmet off the accident victim by using the E.Q.R.S system first. You should always get a second person to assist you.

Make sure to proceed with great caution at any time!