Top Air Outl. (NXR) Matt White

Top Air Outl. (NXR) Matt White
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  Wild Style. One helmet, many possibilities. Design your NXR with... more
Product information "Top Air Outl. (NXR) Matt White"


Wild Style.

One helmet, many possibilities.
Design your NXR with coloured ventilation controls from our accessory range.

Ventilation outlet for replacing the original part or for customizing the helmet.

For opening and closing the rear, top air outlet.

The negative pressure in the area behind the spoiler-shaped cover, created by the airstream, forces used air to be exhausted from the inside of the helmet through the vents hidden underneath.

Set with 1 cover, 1 base plate, 3 fixing screws and self-adhesive foil for attachment.

Suitable for the model NXR.


Spare part type: Spoiler, Ventilation, Top Air Outlet
Finish: Matt
Color: White
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