Rear Stabilizer (XSPR3) Aerodyne TC-1

Rear Stabilizer (XSPR3) Aerodyne TC-1
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  Outstanding performance. In function and appearance. With a coloured... more
Product information "Rear Stabilizer (XSPR3) Aerodyne TC-1"


Outstanding performance. In function and appearance.

With a coloured spoiler you can give your X-SPIRIT III a striking look.

Rear spoiler to replace the original part or to customize the helmet individually.

The rear spoiler serves the aerodynamic stabilisation and ventilation of the helmet. The airflow creates a negative pressure in the area behind the spoiler, which forces used air to exhaust from the inside of the helmet through the vents hidden underneath.

Set with 1 spoiler and self-adhesive foil for fastening.

Suitable for the model X-SPIRIT III.


Spare part type: Spoiler
Finish: Glossy
Color: TC-1, Red
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