Center Pad Neck (XPRO) Type-P S9

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  Configure the ideal fitting of your helmet. The SHOEI X-SPR Pro's... more
Product information "Center Pad Neck (XPRO) Type-P S9"


Configure the ideal fitting of your helmet.

The SHOEI X-SPR Pro's highly customisable inner padding ensures that the helmet stays firmly on your head, on every straight, in every curve of the race track.

Head pad modules for the X-SPR Pro can be used to replace the original module or for individual customization.

By replacing the neck pad from the original size S9 with the optional, thicker size S13, you can specifically adjust the fit of the helmet at this point to your individual head shape or personal preferences.

The size of the original module can be found on its back. You can also find it by looking at the size designation of your X-SPR Pro.

Suitable for the SHOEI X-SPR Pro model.

Fastening with press studs and Velcro surfaces.

Instructions for use, assembly and cleaning can be found in the helmet manual.


Spare part type: Center Pad
Helmetsize: XS, S
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