Cheek Pad 31mm (JCR) Type-E

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The right feeling. The J-CRUISE combines the panoramic field of vision of a jet... more
Product information "Cheek Pad 31mm (JCR) Type-E"

The right feeling.

The J-CRUISE combines the panoramic field of vision of a jet helmet with the advantages of a high-quality touring helmet.
And the fit of a premium helmet.

With our cheek pads you can replace the original padding of your helmet. Or use a slightly thicker or thinner pad for individual adjustment. The size specification gives information about the thickness of the padding in millimetres. For example, "39" stands for a thicker pad, "31" for a thinner pad, as shown in the following chart. Cheek pads of a particular helmet model are interchangeable in all available sizes.

The size of the original padding can be found on its back.

The ergonomic, three-dimensional pre-forming of the cheek pads ensures an extensive rest on the cheek and thus a stable fit of the helmet even at high speeds. A tight but comfortable fit on the cheek and chin arch also reduces drafts and contributes significantly to noise reduction.

If the inner padding of the helmet is worn out after many kilometres of use or cannot be cleaned anymore, a replacement ensures a new fit and a fresh, hygienic helmet interior.

Set with 2 pads (left/right).

Suitable for the model J-CRUISE.

Fastening by means of press buttons and fastening bar.

Please refer to the helmet manual for instructions on fitting and cleaning.



As an option, the cheek pads can be padded by 2 mm with the J-CRUISE Comfort Cheek Pad Set (article number, in order to adapt them even more finely to individual requirements. Simply order the article additionally.


Spare part type: Cheek Pad
Helmetsize: XXL
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