Center Pad (HTAV) Type-H S17

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  For all adventures on and off the road With its excellent weight balance,... more
Product information "Center Pad (HTAV) Type-H S17"


For all adventures on and off the road

With its excellent weight balance, the HORNET ADV is easy on your neck muscles during longer rides and in rough terrain.
For an even more stable, perfect fit of the helmet, our inner padding offers a wide range of adjustment options.

Head pads in different sizes can be used to replace the original pad or to individually adjust the helmet in the upper head area. The padding of a helmet model can be replaced within the scope of its size allocation, e.g. "S9" - "S13" - "S17". "S9" stands for a thinner, "S17" for a thicker padding, as shown in the following chart.

The size of the original pad can be found on its back.

With a tight but comfortable helmet, motorbike adventures are even more exciting. The elaborately designed head padding of the HORNET ADV ensures a stable fit of the helmet, while its three-dimensional rib structure provides excellent ventilation and thus effective moisture management even in rough off-road use. The use of fast-drying materials in the cover of the padding promotes a pleasant wearing comfort.

Is the inner padding of your helmet sweaty or dirty after long trips on dusty slopes? Is it worn out after many tours and journeys? A replacement restores the original fit and offers you a fresh, clean helmet for your next adventure.

Suitable for the model HORNET ADV.

Fastening with snap buttons and fastening bar.

Please refer to your helmet manual for instructions on fitting and cleaning.


Spare part type: Center Pad
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