Visor (VFW) Black

Visor (VFW) Black
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  Protection and style. The best MX visor is the one you don't see while... more
Product information "Visor (VFW) Black"


Protection and style.

The best MX visor is the one you don't see while riding.
A pity, really, with all the design options.

Visor for replacing the original visor or for individual customizing of the helmet.

The visor of the VFX-W protects you effectively against glare and dirt. With a coloured visor you can easily and quickly vary the look of your SHOEI VFX-W.

Set with painted visor and 3 fixing screws.

Suitable for the model VFX-W.

Please refer to the helmet manual for mounting instructions.


Spare part type: Peak
Color: Black
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