Cheek Pad 43mm (VFW06/VFWR) Type-M

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  No compromises. On the MX track you have to be absolutely sure of your... more
Product information "Cheek Pad 43mm (VFW06/VFWR) Type-M"


No compromises.

On the MX track you have to be absolutely sure of your helmet.
With the VFX-WR you have a reliable partner with many adjustment options.

With our cheek pads you can replace the original padding of your helmet. Or use a slightly thicker or thinner pad for individual adjustment. The cheek pads of the VFX-WR are interchangeable in all available sizes, as shown in the chart below.

You will find the size of the original pad on its back.

With a tight but comfortable helmet you can reach your target on the race track: Holeshot, personal best time, first at the finish line. The ergonomic, three-dimensional pre-forming and a multi-layered construction ensure an extensive rest of the padding on the cheek and thus a stable fit of the helmet even in tough competition. The use of sweat-absorbing, fast-drying materials and high-quality MaxDry in the padding promote a pleasant wearing comfort.

Is the inner padding of your helmet sweaty, dirty or worn out after training or a hard race? A replacement restores the original fit and provides you with a fresh, clean helmet interior for your next start in a quick and easy way.

Suitable for the VFX-WR model.

Fastening with snap buttons and fastening bar.

Please refer to the helmet manual for instructions on fitting and cleaning.



As an option, the cheek pads can be padded by 2 mm with the VFX-WR Comfort Cheek Pad Set (article number, in order to adapt them even more finely to individual requirements. Simply order the article additionally.


Spare part type: Cheek Pad
Cheek Pad 39mm (NEO2) Type-L Cheek Pad 39mm (NEO2) Type-L
€41.95 *
Visor (CWR-1) Dark Smoke Visor (CWR-1) Dark Smoke
€59.95 *
Visor (VFW06/VFWR) Black Visor (VFW06/VFWR) Black
€59.95 *
Cheek Pad 31mm (NEO2) Type-L Cheek Pad 31mm (NEO2) Type-L
€41.95 *
Visor (CNS-1) Dark Smoke Visor (CNS-1) Dark Smoke
€59.95 *
Visor (CNS-1) Clear Visor (CNS-1) Clear
€59.95 *
Visor (CWR-1) Photochromic Visor (CWR-1) Photochromic
€189.95 *
Cheek Pad 39mm (GTA2) Type-N Cheek Pad 39mm (GTA2) Type-N
€59.95 *
Cheek Pad 31mm (NXR) Cheek Pad 31mm (NXR)
€49.95 *
Cheek Pad 31mm (GTA2) Type-N Cheek Pad 31mm (GTA2) Type-N
€59.95 *
Mouthpiece (VFW06/VFWR) Black Mouthpiece (VFW06/VFWR) Black
€17.95 *
Cheek Pad 39mm (NXR) Cheek Pad 39mm (NXR)
€49.95 *
Cheek Pad 35mm (NXR) Cheek Pad 35mm (NXR)
€49.95 *
Visor (CPB-1V) Dark Smoke Visor (CPB-1V) Dark Smoke
€79.95 *
Cheek Pad 43mm (GTA2) Type-N Cheek Pad 43mm (GTA2) Type-N
€59.95 *
Visor (VFW06/VFWR) White Visor (VFW06/VFWR) White
€59.95 *
Cheek Pad 39mm (XSPR3) Type-I Cheek Pad 39mm (XSPR3) Type-I
€59.95 *
€9.95 *
Visor (CNS-3) Clear Visor (CNS-3) Clear
€74.95 *
Visor (CJ-3) Dark Smoke Visor (CJ-3) Dark Smoke
€44.95 *
Pinlock Evo (CNS-2) Clear Pinlock Evo (CNS-2) Clear
€32.95 *
Visor (CWR-1) Spectra Gold Visor (CWR-1) Spectra Gold
€99.95 *
Visor (EXZ) Black Visor (EXZ) Black
€29.95 *
Center Pad L13 (NEO2) Type-L Center Pad L13 (NEO2) Type-L
€39.95 *
Breath Guard F (XR11/QWE/NEO/NXR/NXR2/GTA/GTA2/RYD) Breath Guard F...
€12.95 *
Center Pad L9 (NEO2) Type-L Center Pad L9 (NEO2) Type-L
€39.95 *
Center Pad S13 (NEO2) Type-L Center Pad S13 (NEO2) Type-L
€39.95 *
Cheek Pad 35mm (NEO) Type-C Cheek Pad 35mm (NEO) Type-C
€41.95 *
Pinlock Evo (CNS-2) Clear Pinlock Evo (CNS-2) Clear
€32.95 *
Cheek Pad 31mm (GT3) Type-R Cheek Pad 31mm (GT3) Type-R
€45.95 *
Comfort Pad Layer (GT3) Hard Comfort Pad Layer (GT3) Hard
€5.95 *
Cheek Pad 31mm (NEO3) Type-QL Cheek Pad 31mm (NEO3) Type-QL
€41.95 *
Cheek Pad 43mm (XPRO) Type-P Cheek Pad 43mm (XPRO) Type-P
€59.95 *
Cheek Pad  39mm (XPRO) Type-P Cheek Pad 39mm (XPRO) Type-P
€59.95 *
Cheek Pad 31mm (XPRO) Type-P Cheek Pad 31mm (XPRO) Type-P
€59.95 *
Visor (CWR-F2 Racing) Clear Visor (CWR-F2 Racing) Clear
€99.95 *
Visor (VFWR) Pinnacle TC-1 Visor (VFWR) Pinnacle TC-1
€79.95 *
Beanie Polar Black Beanie Polar Black
€29.95 *