Mouthpiece (VFW06/VFWR) Luminous Yellow

Mouthpiece (VFW06/VFWR) Luminous Yellow
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  Show your rival your teeth. Come on. A distinctive mouthpiece will do.... more
Product information "Mouthpiece (VFW06/VFWR) Luminous Yellow"


Show your rival your teeth.

Come on.
A distinctive mouthpiece will do.

The aggressively designed mouthpiece of the VFX-WR / VFX-WR 06 supplies you with fresh air for maximum power. With a coloured mouthpiece you can easily and quickly change the look of your SHOEI VFX-WR / VFX-WR 06.

Mouthpiece to replace the original insert or to customize the helmet individually.

Set with painted mouthpiece and 1 fixing screw.

Suitable for the model VFX-WR & VFX-WR 06.

Please refer to the helmet manual for assembly instructions.

A suitable filter insert is available separately under article number


Spare part type: Mouth Peace
Finish: Glossy
Color: Yellow
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